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[cerere moderator] Mr.Daniel


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Nume:  Daniel

Vârstă:  26

De ce dorești să aplici pentru acest grad?:  I want to help more in other sections not only in design, I also think that the design section does not need me.

Ce secțiune dorești spre moderare?:  I just want to help in the section that needs my help. You can put me where you want this is not a problem for me

Ce îmbunătățiri poți aduce secțiunii moderate?: new rules for this section, greater flow of topics, among many other things

Ești conștient că vei fi pus într-o perioadă de probă?: -

Alte precizări:  Just trust me I can help this community more than you think

Poți fi activ si pe TeamSpeak?: yes ofcourse 

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