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  1. and by the way: i can send you a screenshot of my steamaccount, where the date of registry is 1. January 2005
  2. Ok first of all, you tell me that i have no sound? Yeah, sure Second of all you say i play over VALVE, when i post my STEAM-ID? Pls listen to dima, he seems to have more expirence than you in this game.
  3. and what exactly is suspicious at the demo for u? Please write it down. I will explain it to you. And most of the things i do are from hearing. A good Headset is very important in this game. If i hear a shot, i can almost exactly tell, where on Dust2 the enemy is.
  4. Nume : diebels STEAM ID : STEAM_0:1:6236787 Numele adminului : Recovery Time | SOUND[s] Motiv :wall Dovada : perm Guys..... why again. I have been unbanned just 2 days ago. I play with Players like dima for 2 years.... and in know Weedey very good. He watched me and he even checked me with WG one time. I play this game since 2002. I am good player. I dont know why u ban me. Pls unban me.
  5. Nume :diebels STEAM ID :STEAM_0:1:547051969 Numele adminului :FuNky Motiv :wall Dovada :Permanent Ban playing since 2002. Funky banned me after watching me for 2 minutes.
  6. ban without proof or asking wg or ss. 


    Are u new to CS? pathetic


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