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  1. Hey, i would like to report admin Prison.he gags me for nothing ,ban me for nothing,I can send u proof in discord add me Wadon#4103 ,I will send proof there,because i dont know how to put here an image,Thank u if u gona help me and finaly gona remove him, 🙂
  2. Wadon

    Vip Request

    Nick:Wadon Link ore jucate https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Te-ai vaccinat impotriva Sars-CoV-2?:yes Ce tip de vaccin ai facut ?:Jhonson Cate doze ai facut?:2 Ai avut efecte adverse de la vaccin?:No Ce efecte adverse ai avut?:No Vei recomanda vaccinul?:yes Vei oferi dovada vaccinarii unuia dintre owneri?:Yes
  3. Nick:Wadon Age:18 Steam profile link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198327055382/ The secret word from the Rules:GRAD Can you join our TS3 [YES/NO]Yes Languages you can speak:Latvia/Russian/English/French/Lithuanian Link with your name in GameTracker:GameTracker.com : Player Page for Wadon Can you donate? (Yes/ No):Yes Admin experience:5 Years
  4. Hello there ,i would request admin ,i been admin for over 5-6 years,and more servers,i know all comands,know how to contact with player,If i will be admin ,i will do some giweaways,too ,i know how to show players, how to play wright ,I know programing as well if u need,i can give u very good ideas for server,that should be very helpful ,Im very active player i can be 10-12h on in server ,some times even at night,I love to contact with players,All people on this server is good ,+ rep from me guys,Hope im gona get an admin ,gl for me>3 😄 Love you all >3
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