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  1. Staying at-home has resulted in a lot of stress for people -- of being stuck indoors for week on end; the uncertainty has taken a toll on people's mental well-being. Stress cannot be hidden; it shows on your face. The first tell-tale signs reflect on your face as pale skin and mild eruptions on the surface. Stress causes hormonal imbalance which leads to acne, rashes, hair thinning and fall, and various other skin break-outs. It is imperative that people follow good skin care routine while they're indoors. Staying inside does not necessarily mean you can forego or overlook skin and hair c
  2. When we find ourselves hurting over an incident, pouring our eyes out to what was said (or not said) to us, we are so fused with the event, entangled with the other person or with the conflict that we fail to recognise the real cause of pain. The truth is we respond not to the event, but to our view or perception of the event. We cry not over the attack or conflict, but the meaning we attach to it. My studies, training, science, experience and practice taught me to believe in cognitive theory which focuses on our thoughts. This school of thought helps us recognise the voice in our head–ou
  3. Editor’s Note: The News-Herald will be publishing ongoing events as well as events happening on specific dates. Before attending an event, contact the organizers to find out if it has been cancelled due to COVID-19. What’s Going On is a listing of activities taking place throughout the Downriver community. To submit an event, send an email to downriverlife@thenewsherald.com. List the time, date, location, cost and contact information. Submit announcements at least two weeks prior to the event. For a complete listing, visit www.TheNewsHerald.com/DownriverLife. Events added this week
  4. The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to slow down, consume less, and reevaluate their lives. Could turning to ancient mind and bodywork traditions benefit the environment? If, this time last year, the world had been told it would spend much of the coming months in lockdown, few might have believed it. But that reality came, and it did so almost overnight, bringing with it a crashing end to the busy flow of life, which sees billions rushing from one appointment to the next without much time to think. Left to their own devices at home, people have had to find new ways to spend th
  5. "Women across all age groups are at constant risk and it is heart-breaking to feel this as a woman myself," Chillar said in a statement Miss World 2017 pageant winner Manushi Chillar has been roped in by United Nations Women for a global initiative called #OrangeTheWorld to raise awareness on gender-based violence. The 23-year-old model-actor said women are most susceptible to violence in various forms everywhere and her heart goes out to them. “Women across all age groups are at constant risk and it is heart-breaking to feel this as a woman myself,” Chi
  6. Grace Wooding purchased her Indian Hills condo almost 12 years ago — and up until March 2019, she lived with a look she didn’t really like. “The previous owner was a really good decorator,” she explained. “Everything was lovely, but the colors were orange and brown and dark. And I lived with it for almost 11 years. It was just too invasive, and I was surprised color would have such an effect on me.” Wooding enlisted the help of interior designer Tammy Randall of LL&A Interior Design to bring in a bit of light to her spacious four-bed townhome. Color correction “Tammy ca
  7. We’re all in favor of cleaning hacks that make chores easier to do. This simple move will save you from hours of climbing up on a step stool to clean hard-to-reach places. Your roll of waxed paper will save you from having dusty cabinet tops and grease splatters around the kitchen. What Is the waxed paper hack? It’s so simple: You place a sheet of waxed paper on top of hard-to-see surfaces. Instead of sticking to the tops of cabinets, particles will stick to the surface of the waxed paper. Then, when it’s time to deep-clean the house, all you have to do is carefully fold the sheet
  8. Living alone is becoming more common. According to the Asia Research Institute, the one-person household is the fastest-growing type of household in Asia. That’s because there are serious perks to living alone. You have your own space; you control your time, and no one will judge you for lounging in your pajamas all day. You can also avoid being interrupted by unwanted disruptions during your weekly Zoom calls. In a COVID-19 altered world, Malaysians are now spending most of their time at home – whether that’s learning how to cook their favourite restaurant dishes using DIY cooking kits,
  9. How many times have you committed to eating healthier? And how long after have you fallen off the healthy eating wagon? For many of us, eating healthy is an evolving imperfect process that will likely last a lifetime. We have our kale salad and green juice episodes, and then we also have our pizza and burger moments. And hey, okay, we're not here to judge, and we hope you won't judge us either. You may not always be able to stick to your healthy eating plan, but at least you are making the effort. But eating better is not just about going to the supermarket and cooking. It involves y
  10. This spacious and stunning Hunters Ridge home, with side-water views, features six bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, plus a bonus room, office, workout room, sauna, an oversized garage and a guest house. A breathtaking entrance opens to vaulted ceilings, complimented by a gorgeous chandelier and an open floor plan, with ample dining and living space. The master bedroom, located on the first floor, has its own gas fireplace and an adjoining bathroom, with a jetted tub, shower and large closet. The living room also has a fireplace, as well as a wet bar that overlooks the pool and patio. T
  11. “Mama, how many sleeps until Santa comes?” I look at my seven-year-old daughter; her eyes are alive with excitement and her smile reveals her missing front tooth. It’s only a matter of time before the other one falls out. When it does, I know I will indulge in a good cry. My baby with the gummy grin is long gone. The young girl before me still believes in St. Nick—for now. By this time next year, she might not, and as her mother, I want to do everything in my power to make this time of year extra-magical and memorable for her. Why? Because this is my first Christmas as a si
  12. 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, quality protein such as that provided by fish, lean meats, eggs, dairy products ... Legumes, natural nuts, extra virgin olive oil, and avoid foods with an excessive supply of sugars or saturated fat. Is it possible to eat well without dieting? Yes, we have all the ingredients at hand, but we often forget. Natalia Ramos, Nutritional Development and Education Manager at Angulas Aguinaga, emphasizes this aspect, because not only do we have to eat well in summer, when we seem to notice the changes more and want to take better care of our
  13. Scientists have assessed pregnant patients admitted for COVID-19 and found antibodies against the novel coronavirus in umbilical cord blood, suggesting the possibility of transferred immunity from mothers to babies. The study, published in The Annals — the official medical journal of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore — periodically analysed samples from 16 pregnant patients admitted for COVID-19 to four tertiary hospitals in Singapore. According to the research, there was no evidence of mother-to-child transmission of the coronavirus via breast milk or placenta. In the stud
  14. Most of us are picky about some foods – and that’s normal – but for some people, pickiness can be dysfunctional. A little-known eating disorder – called avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) – can have a severe, lifelong impact on eating habits. This condition gained a lot of attention in 2019 after it emerged that a teenage boy in the UK suffered irreversible sight and hearing loss after years of only eating crisps, chips, and white bread. More than just a case of “picky eating”, the teen suffered from ARFID and stuck to his narrow diet because the texture of other foods was
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