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  1. Editor’s Note: The News-Herald will be publishing ongoing events as well as events happening on specific dates. Before attending an event, contact the organizers to find out if it has been cancelled due to COVID-19. What’s Going On is a listing of activities taking place throughout the Downriver community. To submit an event, send an email to [email protected] List the time, date, location, cost and contact information. Submit announcements at least two weeks prior to the event. For a complete listing, visit www.TheNewsHerald.com/DownriverLife. Events added this week
  2. The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to slow down, consume less, and reevaluate their lives. Could turning to ancient mind and bodywork traditions benefit the environment? If, this time last year, the world had been told it would spend much of the coming months in lockdown, few might have believed it. But that reality came, and it did so almost overnight, bringing with it a crashing end to the busy flow of life, which sees billions rushing from one appointment to the next without much time to think. Left to their own devices at home, people have had to find new ways to spend th
  3. "Women across all age groups are at constant risk and it is heart-breaking to feel this as a woman myself," Chillar said in a statement Miss World 2017 pageant winner Manushi Chillar has been roped in by United Nations Women for a global initiative called #OrangeTheWorld to raise awareness on gender-based violence. The 23-year-old model-actor said women are most susceptible to violence in various forms everywhere and her heart goes out to them. “Women across all age groups are at constant risk and it is heart-breaking to feel this as a woman myself,” Chi
  4. Grace Wooding purchased her Indian Hills condo almost 12 years ago — and up until March 2019, she lived with a look she didn’t really like. “The previous owner was a really good decorator,” she explained. “Everything was lovely, but the colors were orange and brown and dark. And I lived with it for almost 11 years. It was just too invasive, and I was surprised color would have such an effect on me.” Wooding enlisted the help of interior designer Tammy Randall of LL&A Interior Design to bring in a bit of light to her spacious four-bed townhome. Color correction “Tammy ca
  5. We’re all in favor of cleaning hacks that make chores easier to do. This simple move will save you from hours of climbing up on a step stool to clean hard-to-reach places. Your roll of waxed paper will save you from having dusty cabinet tops and grease splatters around the kitchen. What Is the waxed paper hack? It’s so simple: You place a sheet of waxed paper on top of hard-to-see surfaces. Instead of sticking to the tops of cabinets, particles will stick to the surface of the waxed paper. Then, when it’s time to deep-clean the house, all you have to do is carefully fold the sheet
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