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  1. Russia has said social media platforms will face fines for failing to delete posts that encourage young people to take part in opposition protests. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and others "failed to comply" with the government's demand to remove the posts, the Russian media watchdog said. The fines could be as much as 4 million rubles ($53,000; £39,000), it said. Rallies in support of the jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny were held around Russia on Saturday. Tens of thousands of people defied a heavy police presence to attend the demonstrations, and social media played a
  2. Tesla reported record deliveries in the fourth quarter, boosted by increased demand for electric vehicles. But its shares fell in after-hours trading after profit fell short of analyst expectations. While many car firms were hit hard in 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic, Tesla bucked the trend. Its shares surged nearly 700% over the year, making it the world's most valuable carmaker. Governments around the world have been "setting tougher targets for switching to electric vehicles", helping to increase interest in Tesla, said Rebecca Crook, chief growth officer at digital ag
  3. You might think the world's most powerful man would have access to any gadget he chooses - but when it comes consumer tech, Joe Biden may be sorely disappointed. The electronic devices around the US president are perhaps the most prominent hacking targets in the world. "The odds are zero, that [Russia] aren't targeting world leaders," Harvard Kennedy School lecturer Bruce Schneier says. Back in the 2000s, this wasn't such a big problem - the only personal devices that could be hacked were computers and non-smart mobile phones. And why would the president need a mobile, when
  4. Facebook's Oversight Board has made its first rulings about content, deciding four out of five of the removed posts referred to it have to be restored. The board was set up to hear appeals from users about content they felt had been unfairly taken down - as well as cases referred by Facebook itself. The five posts covered a range of issues, including hate speech, nudity, misinformation and violence. The takedown the panel upheld was for a "demeaning slur" against Azerbaijanis. This post had been correctly removed for using a term of disdain "meant to dehumanise" the Azerbai
  5. Apple sales have hit another record, as families loaded up on the firm's latest phones, laptops and gadgets during the Christmas period. Sales in the last three months of 2020 hit more than $111bn (£81bn) - up 21% from the prior year. The gains come as the pandemic pushes more activity online, fuelling demand for new technology. Apple now counts more than 1.65 billion active devices globally, including more than 1 billion iPhones. Apple's gains follow the release of its new iPhone 12 suite of phones, which executives said had convinced a record number of people to switch to
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