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  1. You are banned 2 times on this server !
  2. Can you unban me , when is possible last time i ask , that is it off me. Gn
  3. 😁😁😁 really ? Man is clear 😉
  4. Name : MJ23 Reason : Wh Admin : Bau Bau Can you check this man play on server 2 year is clear , now contact me ask why bau ban him ?? Real name is MvP
  5. Rycu you forget what all virus say , and how much ban people without reason , and all bad word say but still is here , and head haloo head , coment this 😉
  6. I said I'm sorry, if you can get over it, okay, we can be like before again, it was my fault, I understand, if you don't want to get over it. thank you nice greetings!
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to apologize to the old school for insulting the family and on the ugly words, I was nervous about being kicked out I didn't do well. If it is possible to get unban and go back to the server, I have been here for 2 years and I play fair and honest. it's not okay to be kicked out permanently for an argument. I apologize to all the Admins I hurt and was rude to them even though they are my colleagues. In some situations, I was not okay, but neither were others. Thank you for your understanding and gg. Let everyone decide together and make a decision. If that’s it, I definitely wish you all the best and see you some other time. Regards, n0 sounD only Rush! 👍
  8. Oldschool can ban perm for fuck you ??? Thats oke ?? One retard come one server and say putin is big boss , i say fuck you and putin , and get gag oke , i say him what with politic why dont gag you him ? Say me calm down i ban you , i say fuck you and putin. And ban me perm... this oke aa ?? Retard kid will see you 😉
  9. And one message for you gay friend Virus , suck my dick together 😉
  10. Look retard last my message on forum. Why slay and kick all player when dont plant c4 ??? Why every time when kill someone in base or camp you slay ?? Only yoi camp and allways camping with awp and i never slay you but i need do it , you are one fck patetic retard on server , when i kill you 6 time in a row and say why die mertz bot you delete me on steam. You are one fck retard and finde life bro , dont be noob. Slay Virus when he camp go noob , i dont care off this server and suck my dick , i slay all and bann all , virus or another , for all is same ruls and respect this or not fuckk off. Good nihgt and teach more play to make skillss , and dont cry every time !
  11. Speak english bot ! Fuck you and server retard , you need only one big dick !! Goodbyee now
  12. And you are the boss now , hahaha little bot go make pizza in restaurant retard. Goodbyee , never be like me , fuck off you and all on server !
  13. Mertz set demo on this page , my name is hshshshshsh
  14. And this is my frist mistake in banmenu off 300 ban and more. Ty for reclame and sry 😉

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