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  1. Where you from?

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    2. SilentDoor201


      Дајте ми шта имате у конзоли када покушате да идете на сервер.

    3. Visual_player


      Heheheh good serbia spec hahaha,im get unban tnx brother💕💕💕

    4. Visual_player


      hi I have a question, I am on the server 1 my rank, and I am on the server 24/7 and there is a zither so I would like you to help me somehow get the admin I know the commands I am 16 years old and I love you server on the server every day hvalaaaaa ....





      Pleas a contacr owner and say visual pleas give admin im not have money for boost sorry😟😟😟

      Pleas givie me admin im good boy

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