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  1. Multmesc @ oLdSch00lL^ https://i.imgur.com/9aFS9Gk.gif
  2. *Tipul lucrării [avatar / semnatura / banner / logo / etc] : Avatar *Text principal : IMP *Text secundar [SERVER.DARKCS.RO / DARKCS.RO / DARKCS ROMÂNIA] : nothing Dimensiuni : Enough to fit forum *Stock / Render / Temă : I have 3, so maybe help me pick the best one, to fit forum? 1. https://imgur.com/Q017aLq 2. https://imgur.com/X1ZoP6c 3. https://imgur.com/AwwikYM 4. https://imgur.com/8EnXFEN *Ultima cerere făcută : Loooooong time ago Alte precizări : If possible let the text(IMP) fall down from top to bottom, and formIMP Thanks in advance ❤️ IMP @Designers
  3. Talk to NIMENI on ts, he will help and guide you.
  4. you know this is rank for teamspeak and not in game,you're asking for right?
  5. This is the wrong place to ask for this, and gold digger is something you donate, to get. You don't just get it handed to you.
  6. Can you unban.Mistakenly banned

    1. Kakaoo1
    2. Kakaoo1


      Udje citer i nema admina  pa idu igraci na druge servere


    3. Kakaoo1


      M3h1gh  bnas me.I don know way.Please unban

  7. Moved to right section.
  8. hey bro plz unban me!!!


    1. DS || PYRO

      DS || PYRO

      plz help guys!!

    2. IMP


      If you were banned,make an Unban request here and follow the model before posting https://darkcs.ro/forum/index.php?/forum/98-✪-cs-server-unban-requests/

  9. Eid Mubarak ❤️ 

  10. Love it :


  11. Crazy mix : 


  12. I think you posted in wrong section. Looks like classic old server. You should go there and make one : https://darkcs.ro/forum/index.php?/forum/982-old-cerere-ban-unban/ @SpikeFresh
  13. A man and his wife traveled to the zoo. They found a monkey that played passionately with his female. His wife told him: "what a romance." Then they found a lion and his lioness separated from each other; the lion silent and alone in his corner as if the lioness did not exist. His wife told him: "what a sad scene without love." Her husband then told her: "throw that stone at the lioness and watch." When she threw it down, the lion leaped roaring to defend his lioness. They saw the monkeys again and she did the same by throwing a stone; the monkey then jumped and abandoned his female to save his hide. Her husband tells her later: "do not be fooled by what you see as romanticism in some, many times it is a deceptive appearance that hides an empty heart; there are others on the contrary who do not show anything, but their hearts are full of sincere love ". Unfortunately today we have so many monkeys, and so few lions ...

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