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  1. Acceptat. Pm cu numele și parola.
  2. Acceptat. Pm cu numele și parola.
  3. Revin-o cu o cerere corectă și cu link-ul Gametracker
  4. Revin-o cu o cerere corectă și cu link-ul Gametracker.
  5. Absence / Withdrawl Request Nick : Grad : Absence / Withdrawl : How much?: Reason : Other details :
  6. Cerere Absenta / Retragere Nick : Grad : Absenta / Retragere : Perioada: Motiv : Alte precizari :
  7. Complain Model: - Your server name: - Player name: - Map: - Data/Hour: - Reason: -Proof (ss,demo,print) :
  8. Model reclamatie - Numele tau: - Numele playerului reclamat - Harta: - Data/Ora: - Motiv: -Dovada (ss,demo,print) :
  9. Complain Model: - Your server name: - Admin name: - Map: - Data/Hour: - Reason: -Proof (ss,demo,print) :
  10. Model reclamatie - Numele tau: - Numele adminului reclamat - Harta: - Data/Ora: - Motiv: -Dovada (ss,demo,print) :
  11. Upgrade request model: Server Name: You'r age: First 7 digits from you'r CNP: How many hours do you have?: GameTracker Link with you'r hours: You'r actual degree: Why do you think you deserve the next degree?: Your knowledge in amxx? Presents the answer in percentages (%): Do you have V.I.P on our server?:
  12. Model: Numele dv. pe server: Varsta dv.: Primele 7 cifre din CNP: Data nasterii: Link ore: Cate ore aveti?: Gradul tau actual: De ce crezi ca meriti upgrade?(Dezvolta raspunsul tau in cateva fraze): Cat la % cunosti partea de AMXX?: Detii gradul de V.I.P la noi pe server?:
  13. Conditions / Rules for unban requests: 1. You must have a proof, otherwise the request will be declined. 2. You must respect the following model. 3. The title of the request must be: [HNS] Unban request "Nickname" 4. The sites for upload are: - For screenshots: http://postimage.org/ - For demo: http://zippyshare.com/ Unban request model: Your nickname: Your IP ( https://whatismyipaddress.com/): Your STEAM ID: The reason why you got banned: The admin who banned you: Approximate time when you got banned:
  14. Conditii cerere unban: 1. Obligatoriu va trebuie dovada, altfel cererea va fi respinsa(Nu se accepta copy paste din consola !) 2. Respectarea modelului prezentat 3. Titlul cererii sa fie: [HNS] Cerere unban "Nick" 4. Site-uri upload pentru: - Poze: http://postimage.org/ - Demo: http://zippyshare.com/ Model cerere unban: Nickul vostru: IP-ul ( https://whatismyipaddress.com/): STEAMID-ul: Motivul pentru care aţi primit ban: Adminul care te-a banat: Ora aproximativă: Dovezile tale (Print la consola):
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