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  1. Nickname: 7bullets Steam On / Off:off Varsta:20 Experienta in AMX:5ore Ai citit regulamentul?(cuvant cheie):da De unde ai aflat de server?:da Link Ore Jucate : 10hours Folosesti TS3? (obligatoriu) :da Te-ai inscris in grupul nostru de steam ( http://steamcommunity.com/groups/classic-old )-(Obligatoriu) :
  2. Nick:7bullets Age:20 Experience as admin [Very ggood/Good/Acceptable] very good Hours played (Click? 5hours Would you like to be a day or night admin?: Together Steam(ON/OFF):off From where have you heard about us?:in fb Could you donate at least 1 euro monthly?: Yes Are you conscious that if you don't respect our rules, you will get remove/down?i will respect it Can you use the teamspeak?yes I mention that I read the rules:yes
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