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  1. Hello,we have an application form unnban please respect it!!!


    1. JOOKdrogatu


      redo the application for unnban!

  2. Hi man ! The ban will be taken out! But please be careful with the language! THANKS! and enjoy the game!
  3. HI tinna Speak english ,do not use translate because it does not translate everything correctly, in the regulation there is a keyword! And we will answer you in english , it will be easier for you to understand us.
  4. si de la mine ACCEPTAT!!! mult succes iti doresc!!!
  5. nu te cunosc,te astept p ts!
  6. unban QWAN I apologize for the inconvenience, you are back on the server!!!
  7. https://easyupload.io/2v610i here is a demo made on you when you played!!! I think you're playing with codes. watch the demo until the end.
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