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  1. Nick în joc : Mr.RobertMarian Functia ta : 🔸 [👑 General of the Army 👑✭] 🔸 Durata absentei : 28 Aprilie - 28 Iunie Motiv : Plecat + probleme personale
  2. Important! -Daca aveti o propunere sau o sugestie legata de server, o puteti posta aici dupa urmatorul model. -Pentru o Propunere / Sugestie faceti un Topic Nou cu titlul: [CSGO] - "Propunere" & [CSGO] - Sugestie -Cei care nu respecta modelul de mai jos, Propunerea / Sugestia nu v-a fi luata in considerare! Model: Nick: Propunerea / Sugestia ta: Detalii Propunere / Sugestie: ScreenShot (daca este necesar):
  3. css_35hp css_aim css_assault css_assault2 css_aztec css_bycadust css_bycastor css_cache css_cache2x2 css_crane css_deagle css_dust css_dust2 css_dust2_go css_dust2x2_go css_dust2k_go css_dust2night_go css_dust2_remake css_dust2_source css_dust3 css_dust3_go css_india css_india_go css_india2 css_inferno css_inferno2x2 css_kabul css_kabul2 css_mirage css_mirage_go css_mirage2x2_go css_nuke css_nuke2 css_nuke2x2 css_nuke_rarea css_overpass css_port css_shorttrain css_skybound css_snow css_snow2 css_train css_train2x2 css_train_go css_vietnam css_vietnam2 Hartile care sunt pe server !
  4. Rog un administrator sa mute la arhiva , multumesc
  5. Descriere » ➤ A simple plugin to send private messages to another player How to install: ➤ Download files from github ➤ Copy csgo_pm.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins ➤ Change the map or type in console "sm_rcon sm plugins load csgo_pm" Commands: ➤/pm <#playername> <message> | Send a private message to a player ➤ /pmoff | Disable PM's ➤ /pmon | Enables PM's Nume Plugin » PM ( Private Message ) Autor » xSlow Link download » Link
  6. Descriere » #1 Description: * If you have server's DNS in your steam name you will get benefits like free armor, free tags & free credits every 3 minutes Dependencies: If you're using Zephyrus Store [https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=276677] use goldmember_store_edition.sp OR If you're using TiBarification's Shop [https://hlmod.ru/resources/shop-core-fork.284/] use goldmember_shop_edition.sp Commands: * sm_goldtag - Opens a menu with many cool tags for scoreboard How to install: * Copy goldmember_xxx_edition.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins * Change the map or restart your server * Go to cfg/sourcemod/goldmember.cfg and configure the plugin with your DNS. Nume Plugin » GoldMember Autor » xSlow Link download » Link
  7. Descriere » * This is a simple plugin which shows on the screen some stuff about your server. (Custom Ads, online players, time, some messages like discord link & server DNS, time left, etc) * This is my first plugin xD How to install: * Download the plugin * Copy all the files in your root folder and go to cfg/sourcemod/csgo_hud.cfg to configure it Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/taTBSOr Commands: * sm_hud (Turns OFF / ON the HUD) Nume Plugin » CSGO_HUD Autor » xSlow Link download » Link
  8. Descriere » Config file example: (path for cfg: addons/sourcemod/configs/SankSounds.cfg) Code: "SankSounds" { "word" // chat trigger { "file" "sank/word.mp3" // path to your file, withouth sound/ } "second word|a sentence can be considered a sound" // you can use "|" to separate 2 chat triggers (sounds) that use the same sound file { "file" "sank/sentence.mp3" // path to your file, withouth sound/ } } When you type a word from the cfg file, it plays the sound using the path writed under it You can use "|" to separate 2 chat triggers (sounds) that use the same sound file What features does this plugin have? * Every player can turn ON/OFF the sounds * Every new player is asked to choose if he wants sounds enabled/disabled when joining for the first time * These settings are saved in DATABASE using Cookies * You can see a sounds list from menu !sounds or !sank * You can give access to these sounds using a flag ( abcde.....) * Configurable AntiSpam system, you can configure it from cfg/sourecmod/SankSounds.txt * and other thingies that I dont remember right now Nume Plugin » Sanky Sounds Autor » Xslow Link download » Link
  9. Descriere » A configurable admin list sytem of !admins command Cvars: Put in server.cfg Code: sm_adminlist_menu "0" // 1 = show admins in menu. 0 = show admins in chat Commands: !admins - List of all admins in-game (or the command that you put in sm_adminlist_command) sm_adminlist_reload - Reload admin tag file (required admin root) To install: Unzip in addons/sourcemod Configure adminlist_advanced.txt file as you want. Note: the admins that not appear in the file will have a default tag "[ADMIN]" Nume Plugin » Admin List Advanced Autor » Franc1sco Link download » Link
  10. Descriere »Addons arena 1v1, cu harti, vip totul configurat. Conținutul acestuia » Autor » CooLix Link download » Link
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