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  1. why did u play on valve? :))) if u are playing from 2002 ?! :)) Sorry my bad, i didnt know that you are markeloff.. In my opinion this wall, i dont stay here to make a story and explain to you why , i waste my time to write to a hacker who has no respect for a game a story about why he is playing with wall.
  2. You dont have sound . I'm 100% sure .
  3. Nu va mai chinuiti cu linkul de sus de pe girlshare. https://we.tl/t-JMU4pPUBfy
  4. Incercati sa nu mai dati upload pe girlshare va rog, dureaza o eternitate sa-l descarci, incercati wetansfer sau altceva.
  5. Ne stim de mai mult timp. Nu cred ca e necesar sa fii admin :d Succes !
  6. Cerere Acceptata . Lasa-mi user pass in pivat.
  7. You have wall ! ;d Sorry about that, you will still banned.
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