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06 October 2020
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06 October 2020
Affiliate your server
If you have a server and you don't have a community, then you can
affiliate your server in our community

Server Zone

This category is dedicated to community affiliated servers, here you will receive free support from staff members.


  1. DNS Requests (70 posts)

    DNS Request Information

    For the server to be ACCEPTED in the community, it must meet the following criteria:

    • Server hosting must be provided by a professional hosting company;
    • When submitting the DNS Request, the server must have a DNS.DARKCS.RO hostname;

    The benefits of the future Owner Server and implicitly of its server:

    • Dedicated address for accessing the forum www.darkcs.ro/DNS [example: www.darkcs.ro/esl]
    • DNS.DARKCS.RO login address;
    • Dedicated section on the forum in the category CS1.6 / CSGO / Other servers;
    • Channel on the Community TeamSpeak3 server in the CS1.6 / CSGO / Other servers category;
    • 'Server Manager' degree on the server section and on the TeamSpeak3 server.
    • [INFO] If you have been accepted in the community, you will have to go to the Forum Management category, where you will create a topic with the server name, and in it you will have to list: the desired categories and the server managers;

    [INFO1] This topic will remain open, and in it you will list each time any change you want on the category, adding / deleting a manager;

    [INFO2] The topic will only be visible to the creator, so only he will be able to request changes to the server category.

    DNS Request Model:

    • IP Server:
    • Host company:
    • Mode (Classic, Zombie, Respawn, Surf):
    • Desired DNS (name.darkcs.ro):
    • Have you registered the server in the DARKCS gametracker clan? :
    • Ares
    • vSn