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06 October 2020
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06 October 2020
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Classic » ITALIA



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  1. ✪REGULAMENT ITALIA✪ (1 posts)

    ☛Regulament GENERAL  - Regulament Admini

  2. ✪ RECRUTARE STAFF✪ (65 posts)

    ღ Aici se posteaza cererile de Admin/Slot

  3. ✪CERERI UNBAN✪ (76 posts)

    ☬Aici se posteaza orice cerere UNBAN

  4. ✪UP/DOWN/REMOVE✪ (8 posts)

    ✘Aici se va posta orice UP/DOWN/REMOVE

  5. ✪RECLAMATII STAFF✪ (16 posts)

    ☣Aici se va posta orice reclamatie al unui membru STAFF

  6. ✪BAN-LIST✪ (206 posts)

    ♛Orice membru STAFF va posta aici orice ban dat la jucatori♛

  7. ✪DISCUTII LIBERE✪ (23 posts)

    Discutii libere pentru PLAYERI/STAFF

  8. ✘INTERDICTII PLAYERI✘ (1 posts)

    ☹Orice playeri interzis pe server va fi postat aici☹

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