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06 October 2020
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06 October 2020
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DARKCS - General


  1. Design (964 posts)

    Design is an English word meaning project, drawing (design), sketch (design). The use of the term in the field of free drawing (art) is forced and therefore not recommended.

  2. Gaming, technology & entertainment (6,644 posts)

    News, tutorials from the world of games, games and discussions about various problems that appear on a dedicated server or any other type of game; the latest songs, anime, movies and series; tutorials, news and more related to IT.

  3. Games Resources (1,298 posts)

    Download section (ready-made servers, addons, sprays, etc.)

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  4. Virtual Notice (44 posts)

    Here you can publish anything related to sales / purchases (including having a computer as a server).

    * We are not responsible for transactions made through this forum. Users are advised to take the utmost precautions before completing a transaction to prevent the possibility of fraud.